Ministry of Defense supports the Armed Forces: "They are tutelary institutions of the Nation"

Ministry of Defense supports the Armed Forces: “They are tutelary institutions of the Nation”

The expressed his support for the work of the Armed Forces, which he described as tutelary institutions of the country, and asked political leaders to put aside expressions that could generate discrepancies among Peruvians.

Through a statement published this Saturday, the sector headed by Minister José Luis Gavidia expressed its support for the Armed Forces and each of its members who fully comply with their constitutional role of guaranteeing the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Peru.

“The Armed Forces are tutelary institutions of the Nation. They are not deliberative and their actions are always framed in the Constitution and the law, for which they deserve the respect of the whole society”said the ministry.

This, after the president of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, apologized for the expressions he had about the Armed Forces. and the National Police in the most recent Decentralized Council of Ministers in Cajamarca, which he compared to the peasant patrols.

“We would like our police forces and our Armed Forces to provide the same security to the entire country”he said at the Executive event.

Along these lines, the Ministry of Defense asked political leaders “to avoid expressions that could foster discrepancy between Peruvians and institutions.”

“On the contrary, it invokes unity, agreement and peace, considering that we are about to celebrate 201 years of our National Independence”concludes the document.

Aníbal Torres apologizes

Aníbal Torres apologized for his latest statements in which he highlighted the work of the peasant patrols over that of the Armed Forces. All this in the framework of the kidnapping of two journalists from Cuarto Poder in Cajamarca.

“If with this I have offended the Armed Forces, I apologize and ratify my commitment to join efforts to strengthen said institutions,” Aníbal Torres pointed out through his official Twitter account.

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