Ministry of Defense assures that there will be no impunity in the murder of three young people in Sucre

Defense Minister, Ivan Velasquezreferred to the murder of three young people, on July 25 in Chochó, after being accused of belonging to the Clan del Golfo and of having murdered patrolman Diego Felipe Ruiz Rincón, 25, in the municipality of Sampués.

According to the relatives of the victims They would have been murdered, so members of the Public Force are being investigated.

Velásquez confirmed, prior to the council of ministers that took place in the Casa de Nariño, that the investigation was passed on to the Attorney General’s Office and also stated that asked to find those responsible for this massacre, At the same time, he sent a message to the relatives of these three young people, assuring them that this crime will not go unpunished.

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“I have been precisely with General Henry Sanabria, director of the National Police, examining the matter, here there is already an unchangeable decision, the previous government had already taken a decision against the colonel who is singled out for these events, but also on our part zero impunity, and we are going to ask the Prosecutor’s Office to act promptly because We believe that we must act with all speed”, assured the head of Defense portfolio in the country.

Given this delicate situation, it has been unofficially known that it is not ruled out that in the coming days the first arrest warrants will be known, taking into account that according to the government of then President Iván Duque, The officer named in this massacre was removed from his post at the end of July.

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Apparently, everything would indicate that this case would be a ‘false positive’ carried out by members of the Police who are already being investigated today, and who seek to clarify the crime of these three young men identified as Carlos Ibáñez, Jesús David and José Carlos Arévalo.

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