Minister Yarza ruled out tightening sanitary measures after the rise in Covid-19 infections: “There is no great impact on the healthcare network”

The Minister of Health, María Begoña Yarza, ruled out tightening the measures of the “Step by Step” plan in the current context of an increase in Covid-19 cases nationwide, since in her opinion “there has not been a great impact on the care in healthcare networks”.

in conversation with The Mercurythe head of Salid indicated that “it is something that has happened in other countries. The viral circulation of Covid-19 has a cyclical form. That is, there are periods of increase, decrease and period in which the circulation remains at low levels “.

“Now we are on the rise and we believe that next week and the next it will continue like this. The biggest concern is that this coincides with the increase in seasonal respiratory viruses, such as syncytial, influenza, parainfluenza and even rhinovirus,” complement.

On the other hand, the Secretary of State addressed a possible tightening of health measures, stating that “one of the factors with which we make decisions is viral circulation, but the second has to do with vaccination coverage and the third with the response of healthcare networks”.

“As we have seen, in this outbreak there has not been a great impact on the attention in the networks. For this reason, it does not seem that it is necessary to advance to another stage of the Step by Step plan,” he concluded.

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