Minister Yarza defends herself from criticism and maintains that “risk communication is not to scare”

The Minister of Health, María Begoña Yarza, responded to the various criticisms she has received in recent weeks regarding the way in which the Ministry of Health has handled “risk communication” to the population and the implementation of measures such as partial lifting in the use of the mask.

in conversation with Cooperativethe former minister of the portfolio, Enrique Paris, stated that Yarza has given “confusing signals” and “has been wrong.”

“Risk communication has been very bad, very confusing. Just yesterday the undersecretary gave very confusing signals, the minister has also been wrong several times and has given very confusing signals,” he addressed.

Without referring to these sayings, Yarza indicated that “sometimes they say that this exception of not wearing the mask in an open space, when no one is nearby, is compromising risk communication. I want to tell you that I believe that communication is not to scare, is not to put flat measures that are not related to what is happening from the epidemiological point of view”.

“Risk communication is that I can make decisions as a citizen with the best possible information, and that the measures taken are consistent with the epidemiological moment. Risk communication is not scaring,” he concluded.

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