Minister Tohá for shooting a carabinero in La Araucanía: “He deserves the highest penalties”

The Minister of the Interior, Carolina Toha, arrived this Sunday at the Police Hospital, located in Santiago, to visit the second corporal shot yesterday in the Victoria commune, La Araucanía region. The Secretary of State indicated that the aggression against the official “deserves the highest penalties.”

“What we have come to say here, first of all, our solidarity with him, with his family. And to present them with the message that the President of the Republic made me bring (Gabriel Boric), first by giving their support and second by saying that we are not going to leave the family or the Carabineros alone in this incident,” said Tohá at a press point, accompanied by the general director of the Carabineros, Ricardo Yanez.

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“The corporal was injured in an act of service where we confirmed that in Chile there are people willing to kill for a truck, a cell phone or a load of wood. But there are also Carabineros willing to give their lives for the victim. We thank you”, continued the head of the Interior.

Video via Twitter: @Carolina_Toha


Tohá pointed out that the “Ministry of the Interior is presenting a complaint in these hours, where a series of crimes are raised that must be investigated, one of them the frustrated homicide of a carabinero in an act of duty, but also the carrying of weapons and ammunition illegally, and also robbery with intimidation”.

“The investigation will give us much more detail, we still do not know who the authors are and what agenda they had behind, however it is a very serious crime and however it may be, it deserves the highest penalties,” he added.

Let us remember that on Saturday afternoon a subject shot the carabinero in the chest. The projectile hit the clavicle area.

The event occurred within the framework of an operation, when Carabineros personnel intercepted a group of individuals who had stolen a vehicle. At that moment, a chase and exchange of gunfire ensued.

The official was transferred in serious condition to the Victoria Hospital, where he underwent surgery. Later, he was mobilized to the Carabineros Hospital.

Currently, cash is stable and out of vital risk. However, it is still not possible to extract the projectile from the body of the cash, so he will undergo another surgery.

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