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Minister says government will not be able to give readjustment to servers

Federal civil servants should not have a readjustment this year, said today (9) the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes. According to him, the federal government will not be able to increase the civil service in 2022 and that a possible readjustment may occur later, after the approval of the administrative reform.Minister says government will not be able to give readjustment to servers

“The federal government was not able to give an increase to the civil service, but it reduced taxes for 200 million Brazilians”, declared Guedes at an event promoted by the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Abras). “Right ahead there will be a raise for everyone, but right now we are still at war.”

Under the Fiscal Responsibility Law, Congress would need to approve, by June 30, readjustments that replace losses with inflation. To meet that deadline, however, the government would need to send a bill or provisional measure to Congress in late May or the first week of June.

Since the end of April, the economic team has been studying the possibility of granting a 5% linear adjustment to federal servants, which would have an impact of R$ 6.3 billion this year. Earlier this week, the details of the budget cuts had not included the rise to civil service.

During the event, Minister Paulo Guedes promised a readjustment later on, through a restructuring of careers proposed in the administrative reform. “Federal civil servants are making an extraordinary contribution to Brazil. They are understanding that soon there will be a raise for everyone. We are going to carry out the administrative reform, we are going to carry out the reclassification of positions that they want”, he declared.


Currently, several categories of the federal civil service are on strike or in standard operations. Bodies such as the Central Bank, the National Treasury, the Foreign Trade Secretariat, the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security are on strike, carrying out only essential activities. The IRS is working on a turtle operation scheme.

The 2022 Budget was approved with R$ 1.7 billion for readjustments to civil servants. In December, President Jair Bolsonaro had said that he intended to use the money to raise the salaries of federal security agents, but in January he said that the categories that could have the readjustment were not yet defined. Last month, Bolsonaro stated that he was considering transforming the readjustment of the federal security forces in career restructuring.

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