Minister Sánchez: "No government has resisted two vacancy processes"

Minister Sánchez: “No government has resisted two vacancy processes”

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, asserted that the Government of He is the only one who has been able to resist two vacancy processes, in addition to a constitutional accusation of treason against the country.

Did Peru’s big problems start a year ago? All this meeting and disagreement is due to the crisis of the political system. It has to do with a State overwhelmed by corruption 30 years agoThat didn’t start a year ago.” he told Successful.

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“We need a self-criticism, which is not to say that we are not responsible for anything, we must assume an honest self-criticism. We have to know that no government has resisted two vacancy processes, in addition to one that says that the president committed treason against the country and disqualified Vice President Dina Boluarte. Where has this been seen?”, he added.

So far, two vacancy motions have been filed against President Pedro Castillo, none of which have received the necessary votes for his removal.

In addition, a constitutional accusation for alleged “treason against the country” weighs against him, as well as six investigations in the Public Ministry, five of which are for acts allegedly committed while he was President of the Republic.


The plenary session was suspended after incidents between some congressmen.

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