Minister Salas affirms that the proposal to sanction leaks in criminal investigations does not include journalists

Minister Salas affirms that the proposal to sanction leaks in criminal investigations does not include journalists

The , assured that the bill that the Executive presented to the Congress of the Republic with the purpose of sanctioning the dissemination of reserved information in a criminal investigation does not include journalists.

The member of the ministerial cabinet indicated that freedom of expression will be respected in the government of President Pedro Castillo and stressed that this proposal does not seek to sanction any media outlet.

This bill does not include the media. That a communication medium obtains information and can disseminate it because it considers that it is part of the public interest, it is talent and it is the journalist’s job, the journalist has nothing to do with it. Freedom of expression will always be respected in this Government”, he explained in dialogue with Canal N.

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Salas Zegarra also pointed out that the Executive is seeking to ensure that a preliminary investigation is not distorted by breaking its confidentiality and making its details public.

In the preliminary investigations there is a provision that is very clear, which establishes that for this to not be denatured it has the quality of reserved. So, when the reserve of a preliminary investigation is broken, what the criminal law itself tells you is that the investigation is going to be distorted. because there could be interested parties is that it does not progress, in that third parties who are interested in the situation approach a certain person to coerce them“, held.

When there is a prohibition, there must also be a sanction. There is a prohibition here, but nobody in the legal legal context tells us what happens if that prohibition is broken”, he added.

As it is recalled, last Friday, June 24, the President of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, announced that the bill was presented to Parliament that seeks to sanction, up to four years, the leak of reserved information in criminal investigations.

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