Minister presented 870 job vacancies for the private sector

A total of 870 job vacancies presented by the Minister of Labor, Carla Bacigalupo, among the proposals are 400 jobs for a makeup company located in the city of Luque and for other firms located in Asunción and cities in the interior of the country.

During a press meeting, held this Monday at the headquarters of the General Directorate of Employment, Bacigalupo, he stated that there are many job opportunities this week for young people and women.

He indicated that of the 870 vacancies, 430 correspond to the first job, that is, without the need for previous experience to enter the labor market.

He mentioned that the maquiladora company that settled in the city of Luque in 2019 needs to hire 400 young people for its auto parts manufacturing plant. At that time, the Ministry of Labor had helped him in the recruitment of the first group of workers and now he will do the same to summon people interested in this work activity. He said that they only need to have completed high school and that the company itself has its own training school for the work they will have to do.

Among the 870 workers requesting this week, companies from different sectors also include supermarket stockers, business executives, cashiers, bakers, butchers, cooks, customer service personnel, security guards, purchasing analysts, cleaning workers, customer service food court, auto mechanics, senior analysts, vendors, among several other jobs.

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