Minister Paredes on meeting in Changuinola: “They wanted the Ministry to buy those lands for them”

Angel Valdes | June 29, 2023

The Minister of Housing, Rogelio Paredes, in an interview with Radio Panama gave details of the agreements reached to normalize activities in the province of Bocas del Toro due to the closure of streets due to the protests that had been going on for several days.

Among the government’s proposals are to redistribute some land from Banco Hipotecario, as well as spaces that they had assigned in some programs but that have never been used, they also offered other spaces but they did not accept immediately, ‘because they hoped to continue in the private lot but the The owner has said no, because private property must be respected, which is why there will be another meeting on July 6.

“They wanted the Ministry to buy those lands for them, that doesn’t exist, that can’t be,” said Minister Paredes.

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