Minister Padrino López supervises progress of Bricomiles in the Dr. Caracciolo Parra León school

The People’s Power Minister for Defense, G/J Vladimir Padrino López, led activity on the progress of the Military Community Brigades for Health (Bricomiles), from the EBNB Dr. Caracciolo Parra León located in the El Valle parish of Caracas.

In this sense, the General in Chief, Padrino López, highlighted that the Bricomiles are making a continuous, permanent effort “so that we can see the results in the short, medium and long term, but now it is necessary for the Bricomiles to serve the centers of health, and there we are permanently raising scenarios, statistics so that the work that is done is appreciated, ”he said.

In turn, he stressed that education and health will continue to be important banners in times of adversity and in the midst of the attacks that Venezuela has received from external factors.

He ratified that through the Bricomiles in a civic-military union, different spaces such as halls, courts, recreation areas, among others, will be refurbished. “Let’s keep up the continuous effort to see results in the short, medium and long term,” he argued.

“When you see this (the school) and see these kids, what it does is keep encouraging us to keep going and keep facing whatever we have to face,” he said.

It was known that he toured 19 halls of the institution and other comprehensive training areas, in the company of teachers, directors and workers of the educational center, together with commanders, among other military authorities.

It is worth noting that the Bricomiles were created by the Bolivarian Government to respond to complaints and requests registered in the 1X10 system of Good Government.

For her part, the mayoress of Caracas, A/J Carmen Meléndez, from the Jesús María Páez UEN, located in the Cotiza sector, presented the third phase of the Bricomiles, making the rehabilitation of educational centers a priority of the 1× System 10 of Good Government.

He added that Caracas has 1,343 educational centers, “and we will not rest until we reach 100%,” he asserted.

During this tour, the Vice Minister of Education for Defense, M/G Ricardo Nicodemo Ramos, was also present, who stressed that in said school, which has 18 classrooms, progress is being made in the repair work, which was witnessed by the teaching staff and other workers on the campus.


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