Minister Orellana for a possible new withdrawal of the AFPs: “As inflation increases, the measures we are working on will become scarce”

Minister Orellana for a possible new withdrawal of the AFPs: "As inflation increases, the measures we are working on will become scarce"

The Minister for Women and Gender Equity, Antonia Orellanaspoke about the legislative process that is being carried out in Congress on a possible fifth withdrawal of 10% of the pension funds of the AFPs.

During this day, the rise in inflation in our country during the month of March was known, after the CPI will record a monthly rise of 1.9%, one of the highest increases since October 1993 (2.6%).

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It should be noted that the Government has made its position against the approval of this bill transparent. For this reason, talks have been held with pro-government parliamentarians to align them with the government’s position. The Minister of the Segpres himself, George Jacksonhas held meetings to prevent the advancement of the initiative.

“It caught my attention that the deputy pamela jilesa feminist deputy, will approve the fifth withdrawal due to the issue of withholding for alimony debtors,” Orellana said in Radio Universe.

“The potential beneficial effect for women of stopping child support debt falls short of tipping the scales in favor of what is profoundly negative for women,” she added.

Along these lines, the Secretary of State pointed out that different retention mechanisms are being sought in addition to a national registry of alimony debtors, which will not represent negative effects on the economy of women and the poorest households.

“Our call is to the women deputies, above all, to consider how this is going to affect women heads of household, who are the majority and who spend the whole month trying to make the salary last for the entire family unit; according to inflation increases, the measures we are working on are going to become scarce”, pointed out the head of Women.

In the event that the parliamentarians are opposed to the government’s position, Orellana expressed that “if it is approved (the fifth project) it conditions a lot of our program in economic terms and therefore the deputies should act accordingly and take into account that they They are also responsible for the success of the government, as they are part of our coalition (…) we ask them for responsibility”.

This due to the inflationary context that the country is experiencing, “the measures announced yesterday (Inclusive Recovery plan) lose their potential beneficial effect.”

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