Minister of the Interior makes the entire police available after a complaint by María del Carmen Alva

Minister of the Interior makes the entire police available after a complaint by María del Carmen Alva

The Minister of the Interior, reported that he has made available to the president of Congress, the entire operational capacity of the (PNP) after his death threat complaint became known.

In his social networks, the head of the Interior portfolio indicated that he has already contacted Alva Prieto personally after learning of his complaint, exposed before the start of the plenary session this Wednesday.

Dear Mrs. María del Carmen Alva, President of the Congress of the Republic. Just to reiterate what I have promised over the phone: to make the full capacity of our Police available to you and to be able to determine who or who is behind this cowardly threat”, he stated on Twitter.

“I have asked the General Commander of the PNP to arrange for two specialized units to investigate in depth what happened and thus find the whereabouts of these criminals. Consider it done”, added in another post.

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According to the complaint filed by Alva, she received messages on her daughter’s phone threatening her if she did not abandon the presidency of Congress. The message included a reference to her address.

Alva Prieto’s complaint

Before the start of the plenary session of Congress, the head of Parliament had indicated that the threats had been sent to the cell phone of one of her daughters and that her departure from office was requested.

“I received a cowardly death threat through my daughter’s cell phone. In recent days, I was a victim of the publication of manipulated audios; and it had already been receiving threats about its dissemination, threats that not only came from outside Congress, but also from within”, wrote on his Twitter account.


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