Minister of the Interior defends the non-application of the State of Exception in Los Ríos and confirms the visit of Undersecretary Monsalve to the area this Wednesday

Confirming the visit of the undersecretary of the portfolio to the area, the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, addressed the criticisms that arose towards the Government for the non-application of the State of Constitutional Exception in the Los Ríos Region.

Criticism even came from the Socialist Party (PS). The helmsman Paulina Vodanovic arrived at the Palacio de La Moneda to express the annoyance of the community with the decision of the Government to discard the measure, despite having given previous lights of a possible extension of the measure. After the meeting, she Vodanovic asked the Executive “that urgent and necessary measures be adopted for the proper security of citizens.”

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“We seriously evaluated the option of extending the State of Exception in Los Ríos, we considered events from five years ago, we related information from the Government with that of the police and we evaluated it last Thursday and we came to the conviction that the measures that we had implemented together with the Undersecretary of the Interior were giving results,” said Minister Siches, in an interview with Channel 13.

“We have not ruled out the use of any of these mechanisms, but we hope that the police strategy will give results and in that sense it is that tomorrow I have recommended that the Undersecretary of the Interior travel to the area,” added the Secretary of State.

The Minister of the Interior reported that she met electronically with mayors and parliamentarians from the region, to whom they seek to explain the reasons for not having applied the State of Exception for now, “but we hope for understanding, since there is a strategy here,” she said.

“We are not abandoning the Los Ríos Region and we hope to continue setting up a police strategy that allows preventive actions, while the PDI and the Prosecutor’s Office disrupt the gangs that operate in the area,” said Minister Izkia Siches.

Regarding the criticism of the PS, the Minister of the Interior said she understood its position and explained that it is for this reason that they are considering the option of moving towards an exceptional measure such as the State of Exception, but also “we have analyzed it seriously and With great respect we state that our option at this time for Los Ríos is to continue advancing in police measures and continue evaluating how the acts of violence evolve, which we categorically reject.

This Wednesday, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, will arrive in Los Ríos, who already in July visited the region to address the security situation in the area, due to the successive arson attacks of recent times.

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