Minister of Labor assumes presidential functions due to Petro's trip

Minister of Labor assumes presidential functions due to Petro’s trip

The Minister of Labor, Gloria Ines Ramirez will assume presidential functions this Tuesday, November 1, while President Gustavo Petro travels to Caracas to meet with his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro.

(President Petro will meet with Maduro this Tuesday, November 1).

Through decree 2109 of October 31, 2022, Minister Ramírez is empowered with constitutional and legal functions as delegated minister.

President Gustavo Petro will return to Colombia this Tuesday, after his lightning visit scheduled for this afternoon.

(Venezuelan border: Petro asked to close trails to promote trade).

It is the third time that Minister Ramírez assumes presidential functions during the Government of President Petro.

The first was during a trip by the head of state to Peru for the Andean Presidential Council and the second time during President Petro’s tour of New York (USA) for the UN general assembly.


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