Minister of Justice on early elections: "It is in the hands of Congress"

Minister of Justice on early elections: “It is in the hands of Congress”

For Minister of Justice, is the that it is up to him to decide on the advancement of elections. He emphasized that the government of has given clear signals for this to happen.

“We cannot anticipate a scenario that has to be presented in Congress, they are in a deliberative stage, they are trying to have a position for the reconsideration that was presented last week and try to make it possible to advance the elections. As Minister of State I cannot make a value judgment as a member of the Executive, the autonomy of each branch of the State must be respected. Congress will determine whether or not to advance the elections. Everything is in their hands.”Tello said.

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He remarked that the State ministers are traveling to the regions to explain that the Boluarte government does want an early election.

“We from the Executive are responsible for a bill that we have presented a constitutional reform project to advance elections. The one who has to finally legislate already picking up the position of the Executive and the electoral organisms is the Congress. As long as there is no current regulatory framework for holding early elections, we cannot go any further. We cannot go out explaining a procedure because it is not our competence. The only thing I want to be emphatic is that we are traveling to the whole of Peru realizing that we do want early elections, that there be early elections and that early elections corresponds to be determined by the Congress of the republic, it is the election of Congress “he concluded.


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