Minister of Industries promises monthly recovery of the salary of CVG workers

Minister of Industries promises monthly recovery of the salary of CVG workers

Hipólito Abreu reported on the progressive reintegration of workers who had been excluded from the CVG under the status of “not required”, despite not issuing a word about the rights that were stripped from them by subjecting them to that condition for months without complying with any benefit of law

Months of protests in the basic industries of Guyana seem to have caused a change, since the administration of Nicolás Maduro promised to give in to the demands of the workers, at least those expressed by the Bolivarian Socialist Central of Workers (CBST), akin to Chavismo .

The Minister of Industries and National Production, Hipólito Abreu, accompanied a concentration of workers of the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana (CVG) at the main headquarters of the Siderúrgica del Orinoco (Sidor), with the purpose of announcing a series of measures that would be applied as of April to improve the conditions of workers.

These measures would be the result of the conversations that were formed in five work tables installed at the beginning of the month, formed to reach agreements regarding the problems suffered by the workers of the basic industries of the Bolívar state.

In his speech, Abreu guaranteed that Nicolás Maduro listened to the demands of the CVG workers regarding salary and that the proposals of the technical committees were taken into account, used as a basis to agree that from now on continuous adjustments of the remuneration.

“We agree to the permanent study and analysis of wages, to achieve the benefits of the working class in our basic industries. Fortnight by fortnight, in a planned way, they will see that the integral income will improve, “he assured.

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The official did not offer further details on the mechanism that would be used to determine these adjustments nor did he specify an amount, but he was applauded by the workers present, who are supporters of Chavismo.

Abreu also reported that he would initiate a process for the reinstatement of “unrequired” workers who had been “excluded” from the company without receiving any benefits, despite the fact that the “not required” status does not exist in the Constitution or in the Organic Law of the Work (Lottt).

“Starting in April, non-active colleagues will gradually begin to join their plants, with a schedule that will be announced in the coming days by the same work tables,” he declared.

In the same way, he stressed that a General Staff of the Workers’ Productive Councils (CPT) will be created, with the supposed interest in improving production. The CPTs are a figure created by Chavismo that grants control of companies and production tasks to workers, a model that has accompanied the industrial debacle that public industries have suffered in recent years.

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