Minister of Health values ​​coordination meeting to advance “necessary modifications” to the Health Code

Minister of Health values ​​coordination meeting to advance "necessary modifications" to the Health Code

Minister María Begoña Yarza, the president of the Health Commission of the Lower House, Tomás Lagomarsino, together with deputies who are members of the parliamentary body and representatives of the different professional and technical associations in the area, held a meeting with the purpose of generating points of common agreement to advance towards a new health code.

The head of the Minsal commented that “generating spaces for horizontal participation, with great honesty, that generate trust between the actors, and that allow progress in the necessary modifications, especially thinking about a universal health system, are the type of initiatives that we should have as centers to find solutions”.

Anita Román, in her capacity as national president of the Federation of Professional Associations of Chile, was grateful for the meeting, “because it gives us hope after so many years of struggle, to be able to update the health code that is more than 60 years old and does not account for the health needs that Chile has”.

As a member of the health commission, Deputy Karol Cariola (PC) valued dialogue as very necessary and being able to advance in a transformation, a reform of the health code, “which we have been waiting for a long time, but in agreement with all parties , and not like the way promoted by the previous government, which clearly goes against the same professional associations and what they have proposed for a new code according to the needs of health in our country”.

For his part, the Deputy and also a doctor Daniel Lilayu (UDI) highlighted being able to dialogue with the different health sectors, and also with the presence of the minister, “it is enriching because we will have to legislate various health matters, and that is done conversing, dialoguing, and seeing what our colleges of health professionals say about it,” he said.

Finally, the manager of the meeting, deputy Tomás Lagomarsino (IND), president of the health commission, was satisfied with what had been achieved in that instance, commenting that although this is a first step on the way to a better health system , is an important sign of the different wills that exist in order to solve the problems in relation to the health code, the participation of all levels in the search for solutions and proposals is valued, thus giving shape to a health system that real responses and solutions to the health needs of our neighbors throughout the country.

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