Minister of Education asks to maintain the use of a chinstrap and alcohol gel in schools

Minister of Education asks to maintain the use of a chinstrap and alcohol gel in schools

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Given the measure that establishes the non-mandatory use of a chinstrap in open spaces in the municipality of Sucre, Chuquisaca, the Minister of Education, Edgar Pary, urged this Saturday to continue respecting the biosafety protocol in educational units in order to preserve the health of students.

“From the Ministry of Education we will always recommend that educational units maintain biosecurity measures, such as the use of the chinstrap and alcohol gel, hand washing, etc. Our priority is to protect the health of our students and avoid contagion in schools,” the authority recommended at a press conference.

According to the head of the State portfolio, one of the Government’s priorities is to guarantee face-to-face classes, since this has an impact on improving the quality of teaching-learning for students.

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“We want the universalization of attendance in the country’s educational units, because we believe that this type of education gives better results in the teaching-learning process of our students,” said the minister.

Along these lines, the authority recommended that fathers and mothers not lower their guard against Covid-19; but on the contrary, to continue going with their children to the vaccination points and not to neglect their coat on the eve of the winter season.

The Municipal Council of Sucre approved last Wednesday a rule that removes the mandatory use of the chinstrap in public spaces, due to the fact that the daily infections of Covid-19 have remained at minimum levels for several weeks in that municipality. According to local media, the use of chinstraps in that region must continue in closed spaces, such as colleges, universities, schools, churches, banks and others.

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