Minister Jorge Chávez confessed that he was in the Ministry of Defense the day Castillo carried out a coup

Minister Jorge Chávez confessed that he was in the Ministry of Defense the day Castillo carried out a coup

the minister Jorge Chavez Crest confessed that he entered the Ministry of Defence on December 7, 2022, the day on which Pedro Castillo gave a coup The head of the sector indicated that the former Defense Minister Gustavo Bobbio invited him to a meeting, but that he could not materialize, because he went to the Government Palace for the message to the nation.

“I was at the Ministry of Defense on December 7 because General Bobbio called me because he wanted to know some aspects of me as a State Minister I had had with him. Former Minister Bobbio himself invited me. I arrived on the floor of the Ministry of Defense and they let me in. At that moment that I arrived, he was not there, and I greeted the secretary. I waited three minutes in a small agreement room that he has there. I was not accompanied by anyone, “said Chávez Cresta.

The Defense Minister acknowledged that in exchange of words, former Minister Gustavo Bobbio invited him to be part of his team. However, he rejected the proposal, claiming that he could not “participate in anything.”

“They tell me: ‘the minister is calling you’. From there I accompany him. There is a private elevator, I go down with him and he told me that he wanted to talk to me, but to wait for him because he was going to the Palace. The appointment was at 9 in the morning, but he showed up at 10 in the morning. I told him that I couldn’t wait for him and he said: ‘I need you to help me to be a part’. I told him: ‘I don’t want to participate in anything. If I can do it, it’s as many times as you ask me, I can support you in whatever you want,” said the minister.

Chavez Cresta points out that, after that brief dialogue, he said goodbye and did not see the message from Pedro Castillo in which he announced the coup d’état, so at no time was he “in collusion.”

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