Minister Jackson says that “there would be consensus” for changes to the proposed new Constitution, but he doubts the viability of reforming the current Magna Carta

The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), George Jacksonaddressed what will be the plebiscite of the proposal for a new Constitution -which will be held on September 4- and the scenarios that could unfold after the triumph of the Approval or Rejection.

“The question if the Rejection comes out is whether to work on modifications to the current Constitution, or whether a mechanism that starts from the blank page is going to operate,” said the Secretary of State in conversation with Cooperative Radio.

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“I think people have to vote hopefully as informed as possible about the different paths offered to reach a Constitution that we hope will unite our country, and not divide it,” added the head of Segpres.

“When one discusses the criticism that there is about the proposal for a new Constitution, there would be a fairly general consensus on the changes that could be made,” Jackson said, but he is not “so clear” how “easy or difficult it would be regarding the contents to reform the current Constitution”.

Along these lines, he explained that “the difference in interpretation makes many people today think of rejecting, but eventually, changes in those rules could generate peace of mind so that they can start from the base of the text of the Approval instead of the base of the text of the Rejection”.

In turn, he emphasized that “the paths that lead, and apparently, when a constitutional referendum does not generate support that is much higher than the other (…) both paths tell us that there is work to be done; the question is how much long, how short, how feasible is each one of those paths”.

Let us remember that on Wednesday the electoral campaign period began for the exit plebiscite, where the Approval and Rejection options will face each other.

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