Minister De Pedro and governors of the Norte Grande begin a tour of the US

Minister De Pedro and governors of the Norte Grande begin a tour of the US

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The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedrotogether with the governors of the region of Big north will begin this Monday a tour of the United States, during which they will develop a “heavy schedule” which will include meetings with investors, multilateral organizations and political meetings in which investment opportunities in the 10 provinces that make up that coalition will be analyzed.

Provincial leaders will participate in the tour, which will conclude on Friday 30 Gerardo Zamora (Santiago del Estero), Gildo Insfran (Formosa), Ricardo Quintela (The Rioja), Raul Jalil (Catamarca), Oscar Herrera Ahuad (Missions), Gerardo Morales (Jujuy), Gustavo Valdes (Currents), Jorge Captainich (Chaco) and Gustavo Saenz (jump)

On behalf of the province of Tucumán, the vice president of the provincial Legislature will travel, Reigno Belovedand for the Ministry of the Interior, the head of the National Directorate of Migration (DNM), Florence Carignano.

What does the schedule consist of?

According to an official statement, meetings will be held with businessmen and political leaders from the United States in the cities of Washington and New York.

The first scheduled event will be this Monday in Washington with the presentation of the delegation at the Embassy of Argentina in that country.

Then a work meeting with “Think Tanks” will take place in that same unit, under the title “The potential of the Norte Grande in the bilateral relationship with the United States: energy, food security, mining and electrical reconversion”.

The next day – Tuesday, September 27 – De Pedro and the governors will hold meetings with directors of the world Bank and of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

On Wednesday 28 the official delegation will participate in a meeting with businessmen and authorities of the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, at the close of activities in Washington, De Pedro will hold meetings with US diplomatic authorities, whose central axis will be the analysis andl Strengthening of relations between Argentina and the United States.

In parallel, the governors will have meetings with US government authorities, linked to investments in mining, technology, production, sustainability, trade, exports and food policies.

Finally, the official delegation will travel to New York, where they will participate in a meeting with authorities from the American Society/Council of the Americas (AS/COA), an organization whose mission is to foster understanding of contemporary political, social, and economic issues facing Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada.

The day will conclude with a meeting with investors, scientists, importers and distributors of Argentine products.

Photo Jose Gandolfi
Photo: Jose Gandolfi

The pro tempore president of the Norte Grande Regional Council, Zamora from Santiago, affirmed that “the institutional and commercial mission of the governors’ bloc of the Argentine Norte Grande has as its main objective to show the productive, industrial, tourist and cultural potentialities of the ten provinces of the north in order to obtain new investments that will make the region grow, boost exports and generate more jobs”.

Zamora thanked the Argentine ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argüello, for his joint work with the presidents and also the US ambassador to Argentina, Marc Stanley, “for his predisposition and support in this initiative that we are carrying out.”

He added that “on behalf of the governors of northern Argentina, I would like to highlight the important support we have had from the very beginning, from the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, Juan Manzur, and the Minister of the Interior, “Wado” De Pedro.”

The tour of the United States is the second undertaken by the Minister of the Interior together with provincial governors.

The previous one by Israel, carried out from April 22 to 28, consisted of a scientific-technological cooperation mission on water management in that country, which included visits to desalination, irrigation and smart metering plants in different parts of Israel. , in addition to a large agenda of scheduled meetings between the Argentine delegation and Israeli officials, and with Israel’s own president, Isaac Herzog.

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