Minister Camila Vallejo assures that there is a political sector “very interested” in holding the Government responsible for the situation of violence in the country

The Minister of Government spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, addressed the statements of President Gabriel Boric in response to the second sergeant of the Carabineros, Rita Olivares, where she called to “reflect on our attitudes in the past” regarding the relationship with the uniformed police.

In this sense, he pointed out that there is a sector that wants to blame the Government for the situation of violence that the country is going through.

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in conversation with Radio Universethe Secretary of State stated that “I think there is a sector that is very interested in holding the Government or a political sector responsible for the violence and I think that is very harmful.”

“It falls into the logic of entrenchment and not the attitude of dialogue. I obviously share what the President has said, we must reflect as a country, reflections are important,” Vallejo added.

In addition to the above, the head of Segegob ruled that “one thing is the call to reflection that the President very well points out, and another thing is to fall into this logic that there is a political sector that is responsible for the violence in our country”.

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