Ministro Bonilla entrega bonos Mi Vivienda a miembros del Cuerpo de Bomberos DN

Minister Bonilla delivers Mi Vivienda bonds to members of the DN Fire Department

Santo Domingo – The Minister of Housing and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla, delivered housing vouchers to members of the Fire Department of the National District as part of the “My Housing Plan”.

The assigned housing bonds cover up to 60% of the cost of the units of the families that were benefited, who have a term of up to 20 years to pay the remaining cost of the houses.

“Today is a day of celebration! Today we deliver 71 Plan Mi Vivienda vouchers to beneficiary families of our valuable Fire Department, who have met all the requirements requested in the registration phase. Process in which more than 100,000 Dominican men and women signed up,” said Minister Bonilla.

For her part, the Mayor of Santo Domingo, Carolina Mejía, explained the circumstances of how this historic feat was achieved, which had been planned since before President Luis Abinader became president.

“Today is a day of giving thanks, I thank you, for your lives and those of your families, for all the people who have helped improve your living conditions over the last few years,” added the mayor. .

In relation to the same issue, Senator Faride Raful, expressed that in the discussions that took place in the Senate of the Republic prior to the creation of the Ministry of Housing, it was precisely how they were going to support the social housing plans through the institution .

“We have always tried to ensure that the fundamental right to housing is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic and is a priority for the Dominican State” highlighted the senator.

Ruth Esther Enríquez, a member of the Fire Department, who has been working for 13 years as a telephone operator receiving emergency calls and sending the selected team to the points where the sinister fires are registered, said that “paying rent in the Dominican Republic is very expensive. ”, “my dream is that my children have their own roof, where they can develop, be independent and feel free; today I am happy, because I can say that thanks to the Ministry of Housing I can have the home I always dreamed of”.

Meanwhile, Captain Moisés Sánchez, another member of the Fire Department’s rescue unit and who has been serving the population for more than 20 years, recognized that, due to the magnitude of his role as emergency coordinator, he sees the importance of having a safe home: “I have seen houses destroyed in the blink of an eye. Seeing this makes me more aware of the importance of having a protected roof; that when one is working the family is in a sheltered space, without running any danger or threat as soon as an emergency arises”.

Likewise, he thanked MIVED and the “My Housing” Plan for providing the facilities to purchase a home, with an affordable fee for the income of each beneficiary.

The Ministry of Housing and Buildings is committed to delivering thousands of housing units in the second half of this year 2022, which include the Hato Nuevo, Ciudad Modelo in Santo Domingo and Los Salados and La Barranquita projects in Santiago.

In the delivery of the bonds, Bonilla and the Senator of the National District, Faride Raful, were accompanied by the mayor, Carolina Mejía; General José Luis Frometa Herasme, Chief of the Fire Department of the National District, among other authorities of the province of Santo Domingo.

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