Minister asks for exemption from PIS/Cofins on feed for fish farming

The Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, André de Paula, defends the exemption of PIS/Cofins (Social Integration Program/Contribution for Social Security Financing) for the feed used in fish farming. According to the minister, the input accounts for 75% of the operating cost, and the withdrawal of contributions could reduce the price of fish on the market and stimulate consumption in the country.

The Brazilian consumes about 9 kilos of fish per year, and the recommendation is 12 kilos. The North of the country is the most consuming region, with an average of 20 kg per capita per year.

“We demand tax equality. In Brazil, poultry and swine have no incidence of PIS and Cofins in the feed. if you take [os tributos] of fish feed, contributes in a very decisive way to a more attractive price for the consumer”, said the minister, in an interview with the program The Voice of Brazilfrom the Brazil Communications Company (EBC).

Union water assignment

André de Paula also informed that, in 90 days, the government signed 36 contracts for the transfer of water from the Union for aquaculture purposes. With the agreements, the estimate is the production of 50 thousand tons of fish, with the generation of 620 direct jobs and 2,500 indirect jobs.

These waters consist of lakes, rivers and other bodies of water under the control of the Union, such as, for example, hydroelectric reservoirs. With the measure, assignees can raise fish, algae, molluscs and shrimp.

university restaurants

The minister mentioned a project announced last week in Recife, during the visit of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, for the supply of fish from artisanal communities to university restaurants.

According to André de Paula, the pilot project will take place with the delivery of fish from the Island of Itamaracá to the Federal and Rural Universities of Pernambuco. In each one, around 10 thousand meals are served a day.

In addition, the project provides for the training of artisanal fishermen so that they can sell fish of better quality and added value.

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