Minister Adrián Peña asks Colorado mayors to vote for an IDB loan for sanitation in Montevideo

Minister Adrián Peña asks Colorado mayors to vote for an IDB loan for sanitation in Montevideo

Minister of the Environment, Adrián Peña (Colorado Party).
Minister of the Environment, Adrián Peña (Colorado Party).

This Wednesday, April 20, Peña sent a letter to the mayors of his party: Leonel Aguirre, Matías Barreto, Gustavo Facciola and Tulio Tartaglia, through which he states that in the next few hours the Departmental Board will analyze the “IDB loan” to the departmental government of Montevideo, destined to finance the execution of the VI Urban Sanitation Program.

The sanitation program “could have a favorable impact on the living conditions of large sectors of the population of Montevideo who have been waiting, for a long time, for the completion of sanitation and storm drainage works in the territories they inhabit,” said Minister Peña in your letter.

“It is you, as departmental legislators, who must evaluate the priorities of this aspect of the IDB loan and it is not up to me to enter into considerations in this regard,” the Secretary of State clarified.

In any case, Peña pointed out that as Minister of the Environment, he understands that he must point out to the Colorado mayors the “convenience of the IDB Loan” so that its first component aimed at improving solid waste management contributes decisively to making the National Plan of Waste Management whose concretion is the central objective of his Ministry, being the first of such characteristics in the country, the result of “intense work in which 27 institutions participated with a time horizon of the year 2032”.

“From this perspective, which goes beyond departmental circumstances, serving the national interest in caring for the environment in the aspiration to build State policies on the matter, I allow myself to ask you, mayors of the Colorado Party, which I am also a proud member of, to take into account what is expressed in this note when they must cast their vote on the matter under consideration,” Peña said.

special majority

For the approval of the loan, the Montevideo government of Carolina Cosse requires a special majority of 21 affirmative votes in the Capital Departmental Board. The Broad Front has 18 councilors.

Although there are four Colorado mayors, two belong to the Ciudadanos sector led by Minister Peña. While the other two are from the Batllista and Tercera Vía sectors.

On the other hand, it is a fact that none of the eight mayors of the National Party would vote in favor of the loan and neither would the mayor of the People’s Party.

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