Mininter does not back down with a pass to the retirement of the largest PNP David Medina

Mininter does not back down with a pass to the retirement of the largest PNP David Medina

The Víctor Rojas Herrera, closed ranks yesterday and decided not to back down with the decision to retire the largest PNP David Medina, amid accusations from the Special Team that the investigations against the criminal organization that would have led the former president .

Prosecutor Marita Barreto, coordinator of the Special Team, denounced yesterday that not only had it been decided to retire Major Medina, but that three other officers were being removed to other positions. They are the captains Gianmarco Dueñas Chávez, Bruno Cacique Guevara and Jéssica Fernández Rivera.

“We feel affected, the investigation is being disturbed because officers who have shown not only efficiency in their work, but also the commitment to take on a job as specialized as fighting corruption in power are being removed,” said prosecutor Marita Barreto. on Channel No.

He pointed out that there are senior officials in the Mininter who were in Castillo’s administration and that now “they are currently advising the minister.”

He mentioned Colonel Carlos Cabrejos Becerra, current head of the General Intelligence Directorate (Digimin) and who was the one who reduced the budget assigned to Colonel Harvey Colchado by 25%, after executing the operation for the ‘Shadow Cabinet’ case.

He also pointed to Colonel Luis Sánchez Lira, who remained as director of Counterintelligence of the Digimin; as well as Colonel Mario Hidalgo Yen, Sánchez’s subordinate and who personally went to try to relieve Colchado.

Last night, the resignation of Lira and Abel Gamarra, another Castillo management official who had been recycled as an adviser, was accepted.

Barreto said that “with great regret, I see that things have not changed,” even though there are new authorities. “It is not true that there is really a firm decision for the Task Force to continue with the investigations,” he added.

After pressure, also exerted from the public, Minister Rojas reported his decision to annul the rotation of the three aforementioned captains, although he indicated that Medina’s retirement pass remains, ensuring that they acted in accordance with the law. “The move to the retirement situation of the eldest is due to the evaluation of a commission (which), since October, has been working. She has done her job and I don’t think they directed her to the name of the major, “he said.

He added that Medina is ten years old in the rank of major and that he did not take the course to be promoted to commander; In addition, in RPP he also said that “in the disciplinary aspect he has five days of rigorous arrest, exactly, for breaches of decorum.”

He did not mention that this offense dates back to 1998 for not reaching a commission, as Medina’s lawyer told Peru21.

“If that were the criteria, we would have to prune half of the police at the national level,” said prosecutor Barreto.


  • The lawyer Estefano Miranda, defense of the elder Medina, said that they are going to appeal the decision and that a precautionary measure is also being evaluated.
  • He also criticized the fact that General José Mendez Lengua, who was part of the commission for irregular promotions, is now a member of the retirement pass board.
  • “It is a totally arbitrary and illegal measure, it seems to me that the minister has been surprised,” said Miranda.


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