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MININT reports on an increase in robberies with violence in Pinar del Río

MADRID, Spain.- In the province of Pinar del Río, the Cuban authorities registered seven robberies with violence or intimidation last November and two so far in December.

According to an informative note from the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) four of the people assaulted were injured and one of them remains admitted to the Abel Santamaría hospital.

According to the note, shared in Facebook by Radio Guamá, “the most stolen assets have been cell phones.”

Nine citizens who are under investigation process were arrested for these crimes and will be brought before the courts.

The MININT highlights that in none of the cases has it been proven that they are organized gangs. And it dismisses the publications that have appeared in this regard on social networks, which it considers to have been made “with the aim of denigrating the revolution and creating a state of panic.”

“Organized by the leadership of the Party and the Government in the territory, the Ministry of the Interior together with State Organizations and Entities, the Political and Mass Organizations and the participation of the people, since the previous year and from the worsening of the electro Energica has permanently reinforced surveillance in the most complex and crowded places in our city, based on tours and physical presence in these areas,” the information indicates.

However, numerous users on social networks have denounced the passivity of the police in the face of these events.

Robberies with violence are not only increasing in Pinar del Río

More and more news of robberies, assaults and crime in general throughout the Island are spreading on social networks.

This week a 58-year-old Cuban was hit on the head while they tried to rob him in Pinar del Río. The official station itself Radio Guama reported that the victim, specifically assaulted with violence on Máximo Gómez street, between Recreo and Vélez Caviedes, was attacked with their fists and stones by three people.

Recently Cuban Time denounced several corroborated cases in this regard in the province of Camaguey.

Vehicles, clothing and mobile phones “are among the objects most coveted by the assailants,” explained the aforementioned independent media, which also noted that the Cuban police forces do not seem to act in this regard.

The official press indicated last November that two doctors had been assaulted in the Tulipán neighborhood, in the province of Cienfuegos. The assailants stole an electric motorcycle, a cell phone, and other belongings.

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