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November 9, 2022
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MININT officials forget about the prisoners on a visit to the Combinado del Este

Humberto López prisiones Combinado del Este

Havana Cuba. — From the Combinado del Este prison of maximum rigor, in Havana, the political prisoner and activist Yuri Almenares Gonzalez denounces that senior officials from the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) and the national prison system did not meet with the prison population during a visit to the largest prison facility on the island in recent days.

The inmate disclosed via telephone to CubaNet that on October 25, the deputy minister of the MININT and the head of the National Directorate of Jails and Prisons visited that prison facility, who, in the activist’s opinion, “came to do nothing,” since they did not enter any building to inquire about the inmates , only to the National Hospital for Prisoners, located in that prison.

Almenares assumes that they probably only showed up at the address, since the hospital has no doctors or medicines.

The political prisoner, who is confined in building 3, stresses that the inmates were waiting for this visit to raise the constant violations, such as those of the operational guard officer Edgar Torres Castillo, who has the habit of beating the prisoners and spraying them with pepper spray in the eyes and in the mouth.

Almenares adds that on October 5, this officer forced him to come down in his underwear from company 3414 on the 4th floor, north wing, to his office.

Likewise, it underlines that the prisoners want to denounce their many adversities, such as, for example, the lack of medical attention and medicines, the terrible state of the food, the plague of bedbugs that infests the mattresses, the proliferation of other vectors such as mice and mosquitoes. , among other.

On the occasion of the visit, the officials were entertained with a roast pig from the pigsty belonging to the prison, in whose care, feeding and cleaning the military employ members of the prison population.

Yuri Almenares González also adds that although he was tried on August 3, the corresponding legal document accrediting his sentence has not yet been delivered to him.

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