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Mining: low metal prices already hit tax collection

The tax collection corresponding to the It added S / 651 million in July, which meant a drop of 27.8% compared to what was collected in the same month of 2021, reported the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem).

The fall was explained by the lower income obtained through Income Tax, mining royalties and the Special Tax on Mining.

The figures also reveal that in July, red results were recorded in the production of various metalsas is the case of copper, which fell 6.6%, and gold, which fell 2.8%.

Zinc production decreased by 2.9%, silver by 15.4%, molybdenum by 15.5%, and iron by 2.5%.

The July outlook also coincided with an increase in in mining, with 87 cases according to the Ombudsman’s Office, more than the 82 that were reported in the same month in 2021.

The former Vice Minister of Mines, Rómulo Muchoblamed the Executive for the negative figures in July for not understanding that this sector “generates cash” and contributes to the economy.

“The fundamental cause of the fall in collection is the fall in international prices. That had already been warned, but the Government did not support the activity, on the contrary, it totally abandoned it. Also, if you have lower prices, more should be produced, but it did not happen that way, ”he assured.


Anglo American, Antamina SA, Yanacocha and Southern Copper Corporation they represented 45.5% of mining investment in July.

-The Minister of Economy, Kurt Burneo, acknowledged that the collection had increased since 2021 due to the high prices of metals.

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