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Mining exports grow 9.7% in the first quarter, exceeding US$ 9,500 million

Mining exports grow 9.7% in the first quarter, exceeding US$ 9,500 million

The Metallic and non-metallic during the first quarter of this year reached US$ 9,579 million, reflecting an increase of 9.7% compared to the same period of 2021, reported the (Minem).

According to figures from the General Directorate for Mining Promotion and Sustainability (DGPSM) of Minem, the results as of March this year show the mining subsector with 57% of total national exports, of which 55.8% correspond to metallic mining products and 1.2% to non-metallic miners.

Figures from the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR) also indicate that, in March, mining products totaled US$ 3,181 million, which meant a growth of 2.2% compared to the same month last year.

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Likewise, the value of exports of gold (16.3%), silver (3.3%), tin (36.6%) and molybdenum (14.6%) registered increases compared to March 2021.

Meanwhile, the interannual variation of the volume shipped, reported an increase in gold and iron of 2.6% and 37.6%, respectively.

However, copper registered a decrease of 4.6% in the year-on-year volume shipped due to the lower production of Southern Peru Copper Corporation, as a result of the stoppage of its Cuajone mining unit in Moquegua, however, to date it is already operating with normality and the numbers could be reflected in the April report.

On the other hand, the Minem reported that the mining activity in the country has directly employed a total of 240,813 workers, reflecting a growth of 1.2% in March compared to what was registered the previous month (238,012 workers).


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