Miners from El Callao protested the murder of a young man in a military proceeding

The mayor of El Callao intervened in a protest by miners who demanded the delivery of the body of one of the two victims left behind by a military proceeding in the El Perú sector. They also demanded the immediate replacement of Colonel Castro Hidalgo

Text: Jhoalys Siverio / Mail of the Caroni

During this Tuesday, June 7, a protest was held by miners from the El Perú sector, in El Callao, in the south of Bolívar state. The demonstration was to claim the death of two people killed by the Venezuelan Army in a procedure carried out on Monday. It turned out that a third person was injured.

One of the victims was identified as Ángel Luis Linares, 15, an athlete from the area. His murder gave rise to the claim of more than a thousand inhabitants of the El Perú sector, who demanded the delivery of the body and the departure of Colonel Castro Hidalgo, in charge of the military operations in El Callao.

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Mayor achieves delivery of the body

Mayor Coromoto Lugo was present at the site of the protest and after conversations with the Governor of Bolívar and members of the Armed Forces, he obtained the assistance of General Jorge Rivas Acosta, of the 51st Jungle Infantry Brigade. It was then that Rivas authorized the delivery of the minor’s body and promised the population to manage the change of Castro Hidalgo from military operations in the mining municipality.

Until now, the context in which the military procedure took place is unknown.

Protest from all over El Callao

According to the Mayor’s Office of El Callao, the protest was also attended by councilors and officials from the State Police, National Guard and National Police.

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In the south of Bolívar, just as the presence and control by irregular armed groups are denounced, there are also frequent complaints against officials of the National Guard and the Army for incursions into the mines, or outside them, which end up in alleged extrajudicial executions, since although the minutes allege alleged confrontations, the red balances are only reported towards one of the parties.

The report of Venezuelan Observatory of Violence detailed that El Callao was the most violent municipality of the country during 2021, followed by Roscio, also in Bolívar. Sifontes is also included in the list of the first five most violent municipalities.

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