Minera Panama workers fear losing their jobs and losing their homes

A group of workers from Minera Panamá protested today, in front of the offices, located in Punta Pacífica, in defense of their jobs, since they assure that they are being forced into an eminent stoppage of operations, starting next week.

Spokespersons for the workers of Minera Panama explained that “the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) is stopping shipments, there is no storage capacity, because it is at its maximum level and we have nowhere to put the copper.”

They stressed that there are more than 7,000 employees who are being affected, for which they demand that the Government and the company reach an agreement regarding the negotiations, and that it includes the lifting of the measure of the closure of non-exports of copper, to workers are not affected.

“If we don’t export, they don’t sell, if they don’t sell what do they pay us with,” said Nixia Ogilvie, spokesperson for Minera Panama workers.

Additionally, Ogilvie stressed that “the lack of agreement is harming employees economically and psychologically, since it is unknown if they will have a job tomorrow or the day after, this is creating job uncertainty and instability with credit agents.”

“We are 7,000 collaborators and together with our families the number of those affected is easily around 35,000, added to the suppliers and contractors that would be more than 50,000 people. This is a great affectation, all this because the parties do not decide with the negotiation and they have us with uncertainty, “explained Ogilvie.

The spokesperson for the employees of Minera Panamá pointed out that there is a hotline where employees are filing their complaints because the banks are calling to take away their car and home loans, creating financial instability.

The protests of the workers of Minera Panamá were also recorded in Penonomé, Coclé province, where an important group of workers demanded that the government sign an agreement with the company so that they do not lose their jobs.

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