Minas has 101 municipalities in an emergency situation because of the rain

Minas has 101 municipalities in an emergency situation because of the rain

Today (22) Minas Gerais has 101 municipalities in an emergency situation due to the effects of the heavy rains that have been hitting the state in recent days, especially the metropolitan areas of Belo Horizonte, south, Campo das Vertentes and Zona da Mata.Minas has 101 municipalities in an emergency situation because of the rain

A bulletin released this Thursday by the State Civil Defense Coordination (Cedec) informs that, since the beginning of the rainy season, in September, there are already 4,843 displaced people, who had to leave their homes because of the rains and have taken shelter with relatives or friends. There are 1,312 homeless people in need of public shelter because of damage to or threats to their homes. So far, the state has recorded eight deaths as a result of the rains.

Cedec highlighted two occurrences due to yesterday’s rains: the first was in Sabará, in the capital’s metropolitan area, where the volume of the Rio das Velhas reached its maximum level and trees fell, slopes and some streets were flooded during the storm. . “The Civil Defense of the municipality and the regional Civil Defense agent inspected the areas at risk of landslides in Sabará, providing guidance to residents, in addition to monitoring the river level”, informed the government of Minas Gerais. According to Cedec, there is no record of displaced or homeless people and essential services are working normally.

The second occurrence was in Patrocínio do Muriaé, in the Zona da Mata. “Due to the heavy rains, the waters of the Muriaé River rose abruptly, forming flooding points. Six people were left homeless and five were displaced. Essential services were not affected,” Cedec said.


The weather remained unstable throughout the day in the north, east and northwest regions of Minas Gerais, with heavy and heavy rains, which could bring inconvenience to the population. This meteorological condition is due to another episode of the South Atlantic Convergence Zone. “Meteorological phenomenon typical of the Spring/Summer period and which has the characteristic of causing heavy rain for at least four consecutive days”, he explained.

This Friday (23), the sky should be overcast to cloudy with rain showers, sometimes heavy, with isolated thunderstorms in the northwest, north, Jequitinhonha and Mucuri. In other regions, the sky is partly cloudy and there may be showers and isolated thunderstorms. On Christmas Eve, the sky will be overcast to cloudy with rain showers, at certain times strong, with isolated thunderstorms in the northwest, north, central Minas Gerais, Jequitinhonha, Rio Doce and Mucuri regions. Elsewhere, partly cloudy skies with showers and isolated thunderstorms.

For Sunday (25), the forecast is for cloudy skies with rain showers and isolated thunderstorms in the northwest, north, central Minas Gerais, Jequitinhonha, Rio Doce and Mucuri and in the other regions, partially cloudy skies with rain showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Santa Catarina

The maritime movement that influences the meteorological situation on the coast and areas close to Santa Catarina continues to lose strength, but still interferes with the weather conditions in these places, favoring the greater presence of clouds, although with some openings in which the sun appears. According to the Santa Catarina Civil Defense, there is a chance of light and isolated rain. “The accumulated amounts of this rain should be much lower than those recorded over the week, but which, when added to these, still pose a risk of landslides in the affected areas. In the other areas, sunny day and some clouds”, says the agency.

The forecast includes winds from the southeast to the east, with weak to moderate intensity and occasional gusts around 45 km/h.

Tomorrow, despite continuing to lose strength, maritime circulation will still leave the day with varying clouds, some moments when the sun appears and a chance of isolated rain in coastal locations and nearby areas. Due to the high accumulated rainfall recorded throughout the week, there is still a risk of landslides in these areas. In the other regions, sunny day and some clouds, however, in the afternoon, there is a chance of very isolated rain showers, quite poorly distributed and of short duration, says the Civil Defense.

Holy Spirit

The highest accumulated rainfall in the last 24 hours recorded among the municipalities of Espírito Santo that have a meteorological station from the National Center for Monitoring and Natural Disaster Alerts (Cemaden) were in Marilândia with 98 millimeters (mm), Rio Bananal with 75.2 mm, Colatina , with 59.33 mm, Baixo Guandu, with 51.6 mm, and Aracruz, with 49.35 mm. The values ​​represent a large amount of rainfall in a short period.

Espírito Santo registers 1,245 displaced people and 412 homeless. Most of them are in São Mateus, where there are 838 displaced people and 343 homeless.

According to Cemaden, hydrological and mass movement risks remain at a high level in São Mateus. Also in Nova Venécia the risk of mass movement remains high. Both cities were hit hard by the recent storms.


On the BR-101, at Km 71.5, near São Mateus, there is a total ban due to erosion on the slope. On the same road, near Aracruz, at Km 171.3, there is a detour, and traffic flows through a 300-meter (m) detour on the side of the highway lane. In Serra, at Km 249, the ban is partial, also caused by a landslide on the shoulder.

Rio de Janeiro

Technicians from the city of Campos and the government of the state of Rio continue with the analyzes to carry out topographical, sounding and laboratory studies of the soil for the reconstruction of the dam on Avenida XV de Novembro, which, after heavy rains, gave way on Monday night. fair (19). According to the city hall, the preliminary containment study should be done in five days and the forecast is that the works will be concluded in up to six months.

Meanwhile, the section of Avenida XV de Novembro should remain closed for about three months. “Only after this period can half the lane be released for the flow of vehicles”, he pointed out.

Campos currently has 17 isolated families in the town of Mocotó do Imbé, assisted by the Civil Defense and Human Development secretariats. In addition, 16 people are displaced in different areas of the municipality, who are in family homes.

“There are no homeless families so far,” he added.


The Rio City Hall’s Operations Center (COR) decided to return the municipality to the normality stage at 1:30 pm this Thursday, due to the lack of moderate rain forecast for the next three hours. For Alerta Rio, city hall service, until the end of the day, there are light rain conditions in isolated points of the city. The municipality was in the mobilization stage since 6 am on Tuesday (20).

The normality stage is the first on a scale of 5 and indicates that there are no occurrences of great impact. “At this stage, small incidents may occur, but they do not significantly interfere with the citizen’s routine”, observed the COR.


In the morning, BR-101 was completely blocked between kilometers 477 and 424, in Angra dos Reis and Mangaratiba. The measure was adopted by the concessionaire CCR RioSP, which manages the highway from Praia Grande, in Ubatuba, to the state capital, on a temporary basis to protect drivers from the risk of landslides. The action had the support of the Federal Highway Police.

“The objective is to preserve the lives of drivers, avoiding accidents, since the place is susceptible to landslides, as happened in April of this year.”, informed the concessionaire, noting that for more information on traffic conditions in the highway, drivers should consult their service channels: WhatsApp (11) 2795-2238, App CCR RioSP or by phone 0800-0173536.

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