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Millionaires showed superiority and won the capital classic

Independiente Santa Fe received to millionaires by date 10 of the Betplay League. The team led by Alberto Gamero He went out to Campín with the idea of ​​adding three to improve his situation in the standings. The cardinals arrived with the idea of ​​climbing positions in the classification.

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The game started very evenly and there were no big differences during the first minutes. In the initial part, Millonarios managed to make a difference, after an option lost by of the rose that he was the first of the cardinals, and against macalister silva put the 1-0 of the visit to the minute 15.

The ‘ambassadors’ began to manage the advantage on the scoreboard. However, the reaction of the local team came in the following moments of the game. A shot of Jonathan Barboza it was close to being the partial tie for the reds.

At the end of the first half, the commitment was leveled thanks to a strong shot from Jose Enamorado to sentence what would be the 1-1 transitional match. The reds put the 1-1 to 45+3.

Millonarios did not let himself be backed down and came out with the idea of ​​taking the three points. Just four minutes after the restart, macalister silva put the blue lead back on. The ambassador captain took advantage of Joel Silva’s rebound after a free kick from Daniel Catano. The midfielder sentenced the 2-1 in favor of blue.

During the last minutes, Santa Fe went on the attack to try to equalize the game. The income of Hugo Rodallega and Crstian Marrugo They took the reds to the rival field, but they are achieving equality.

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With this result, Millionaires reached 17 points and is located in fourth place in the standings. Santa Fe, meanwhile, remained in thirteen units.

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