Miller, the promising soccer boy who was killed for stealing a cell phone in Bogotá

Miller, the promising soccer boy who was killed for stealing a cell phone in Bogotá

Miller Fails, young man murdered.

There is dismay over this murder. The authorities offer a reward to catch the thieves.

News Bogota.

Miller Stiven Falla was a young soccer player from the Andinos club, a subsidiary team of América de Cali, in the city of Bogotá.

He was only 15 years old and had great aspirations to one day become a player in the scarlet draw. However, this illusion was taken from him by two criminals who, by stealing his cell phone, took his life with a shot.

Miller Stiven Falla, murdered teenager.
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The teenager’s father said that his son went to a shopping center to share with two other young women. “They were going to eat ice cream,” Miller’s father revealed.

On the way home at around 8 pm on Saturday, April 2, they were intercepted by two subjects with a foreign accent.

On a street in the Patio Bonito neighborhood of the town of Kennedy, the thieves intimidated them into handing over their cell phones.

Miller Falla, murdered athlete.

The father of the victim relates that his son did not resist giving up his belongings. «When they told my son, ‘pass the cell phone’, he passed it to them. I had told him: ‘he never opposes for a cell phone’. When my son lifted his shirt to pass the cell phone to the Venezuelan, he, miserably and vilely, without saying anything, shot him », he said.

Badly wounded, Miller was taken to the Bogotá West Clinichealth center where he arrived without vital signs.

For their part, the criminals fled the scene of the events and at this time they are being sought by the authorities.

Miller, the promising soccer boy who was killed for stealing a cell phone in Bogotá
The two criminals fled.


To find those responsible for this murder, the Bogotá mayor’s office has offered a reward of 20 million pesos:

Defense Minister Eduardo Molano warned that this death will not go unpunished.

“I gave instructions to the National Police to capture those responsible, to apply a severe penalty of the #CitizenSecurity Law,” said the presidential cabinet official.

‘Scarlet Box’ statement

The América de Cali club issued a statement of condolences to the family of this young soccer promise.

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Below is the report of these events by Snail News:

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