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August 5, 2022
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Militants and former DC authorities constitute command for the Rejection: instance is led by Belisario Velasco

Militants and parliamentarians of the Christian Democracy (DC), in addition to former members of the party, formed a command for the Rejection, facing the constitutional plebiscite on September 4. The instance is led by the former Minister of the Interior of Michelle Bachelet, Belisarius Velasco.

Among the participants of the command, are the senators DC Ximena Rincon Y Matthias Walkerthe deputies Eric Aedo, joanna perez Y Jorge Saffiriothe former senator Ricardo Hormazabalthe former deputy Juan Carlos Latorrethe ex-conventional Fuad Chahinamong others.

In the next few days, the structure of the command will be announced, whose initial definition is that the executive secretary will be in charge of a woman and the political and territorial coordination will be assumed by Juan Carlos Latorre.

Senator Rincón maintained that the DC is “a party that brings together center and center-left thought, participating in governments that generated a better quality of life for the people and that little by little have been revalued in the midst of the current difficulty.” .

“Our feeling is that the new text not only does not make sense to the majority, but also has structural problems that make us say that we reject it in order to build a better charter, but this time for everyone,” he added.

Likewise, he indicated that “it constitutes a tremendous signal for the Christian Democracy and the center-left world, that the one who leads this command is Belisario Velasco; a historic leader who not only fought against the dictatorship, but has always had an unwavering commitment to democracy, plurality, progressivism and respect for all. Values ​​without a doubt that we begin to miss today.”

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