They present an accusation against two young members of AUN

Mildred Rayo and Miguel Flores would go to trial on January 19

Mildred Rayo and Miguel Flores, members of the Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN), would go to trial on January 19, 2023, as scheduled by the judge during the initial hearing on November 23, by the judge of the Ninth Criminal Court of Managua, Karen Chavarria Morales.

However, the scheduled date may be tentative because the trial judge has not ruled to ratify or modify the date, because —according to sources— there is a probability that it will be modified.

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Until now, the crimes that are imputed to the opponents are unknown. In the online system, Nicarao, the accusation is reduced to announcing that the victims are the Nicaraguan State and society, the same ones that concern political prisoners, accused of “conspiracy to undermine national integrity.”

According to information obtained by Article 66the defense lawyers of the young opponents have not had access to the equation, exchange of evidence, they were only notified that they were given intervention by law, but it does not detail the criminal types.

Process anomalies

A source linked to the Judiciary pointed out, on condition of anonymity, a series of anomalies in the process against Rayo and Flores, one of which is that a special Constitutional Guarantee hearing was not scheduled for them, which would have allowed them to be imprisoned. for 15 days without holding the preliminary hearing.

“The preliminary hearing was held outside the constitutional term established in article 33 – of the Criminal Procedure Code -, in addition to that they do it secretly,” the source said.

Mildred Rayo and Miguel Flores would go to trial on January 19

He indicated that currently the Court of Appeals does not give details, much less gives an order to appoint an executing judge to order the person who is committing an act of illegality by arbitrary or illegal detention.

On the other hand, the defenses of the political activists were not present at the initial hearing, on November 23, despite the fact that the parents of the young people had already named a new defense.

For the source of the Judiciary this is an act of “great illegality because it is an act of bad faith, since the defenders were named before the date of the hearing and were not summoned.”

Detained since November 1

The arrest of Mildred Rayo and Miguel Flores —according to the AUN complaint— took place on Friday, November 1, when the Nicaraguan Army kidnapped them near the Sapoá River, in Cárdenas, in the department of Rivas.

The action occurred after a search carried out by the military institution at about 6:30 in the morning, while they were moving towards Managua.

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“In the last communication we had, Miguel Flores stated that they were being transferred to military installations at approximately 9:30 AM. Since then, communication with them has been lost,” denounced AUN.

According to a source from the organization, at the time of the arrest, Rayo was coming from Costa Rica and Flores went to meet her in the Cárdenas sector, where the Army intercepted and detained them. “They were not exiled,” she clarified.

The opponents, that you are still detained in District three of the Police in ManaguaThey are already part of the list of more than 230 political prisoners of the Daniel Ortega regime, accused of common crimes or undermining national integrity and false news.

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