Milagro Sala reported that Morales "pay" those who accuse her to cover her "bad management"

At the end of June, the President visited the social leader
At the end of June, the President visited the social leader.

The social leader Milagro Sala denied this Thursday new accusations against her made by a former member of the Túpac Amaru organization and attributed them to pressure from the provincial government on those “who are victims of the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales”, through “tightening” or “the payment of money” with the aim of “continuing to fill it with causes”.

Sala, who is serving a house arrest, indicated that “Gerardo (for Morales) has been paying everyone who denounces social organizations and Milagro Sala to reward him with a cooperative, money or contracts with the State,” in response to the statements of Mirta “Shakira” Guerrero, who was a member of Túpac Amaru, broadcast last night by a television signal from Grupo Clarín.

“Unfortunately, ‘Shakira’, out of necessity or I don’t know why, entered that one. He is also a victim of Morales, of the pressure he continually exerts”Sala said this morning in statements to El Destape radio.

Along these lines, the founder of Túpac Amaru recalled that several months ago she denounced the arrival in Jujuy of “a delegation” that “was looking for companions to denounce social organizations and that (journalist Jorge) Lanata was going to settle in Jujuy , but some did not pay attention to me”.

In this way, she referred to the interview on channel 13, in which she was accused of embezzling public funds and hiding money in her house.

“If it were like that, as she (for ‘Shakira’) said, do you think that when they did the three raids on me in 2016 this would not have appeared?”he replied, later adding: “They would have viralized it.”

The Tupac Amaru referent insisted that the accusations are driven by Morales with the intention of covering up the “problems” that the province has.

“Morales wants to cover up what is happening in Jujuy, where electricity has increased by 300%, they have no way of accounting for the profit they have from marijuana (for the cultivation of medical cannabis, promoted by the provincial government) or from the solar plant Cauchari”, replied Sala and recalled when “they said that with the collection of that, we Jujeños were going to pay less for electricity”.

“They also don’t have a way to account for the lithium businesses. They want to do the same thing as in 2016, make Milagro Sala the culprit for everything that happens in Jujuy to cover up their dirty tricks and for people to turn around in favor of him,” he remarked.

In the same vein, he stated that the provincial management “plays against its mismanagement” and also accused the Morales government of “a lot of corruption, a lot of business” and of being responsible for the “disappearance of Jujeños.”

For Sala, the governor “cannot cover up the amount of things that his friends, judges and prosecutors, have bought.”

Chamber criticized the administration of Governor Gerardo Morales
Sala criticized the management of Governor Gerardo Morales.

And along these lines, he assured that Morales, both during the management of Mauricio Macri and that of Alberto Fernández, “came out to say that Jujuy is the province that they put aside, but the President replied that Jujuy is one of the provinces that have the most ATN (Contributions from the National Treasury).

“Let’s see where the money is. Here they don’t give up on anything, they want to shut your mouth by taking you to jail, by filling you with causes“, added the founder of Tupac Amaru.

In addition, she questioned the fact that in the media “nobody says anything” about the low salary increases that, according to her, Morales granted to the workers of the provincial State, which she estimated at “18%”, when “at the national level they were given a 60%”.

“Nobody talks about unemployment in the province,” he added, and reiterated that Morales’ objective is “to end up being the bad guy in the movie, the hit man, but they have already seen that movie and unfortunately they fall for comrades who, at some point moment, they were active in the Túpac”.

“At the time, we went out to demonstrate all the works that were done; however, we are corrupt, criminals and that hurts the soul, because (Morales) continues to use colleagues”he stated.

Responding to the immediate future, Sala warned that “if for each complaint” against him, Morales gives work to the cooperatives, “then let them continue denouncing me, because in Jujuy there is no work, there is no money.”

However, he contrasted, “the only thing that they renew” from the provincial government is “the pressure that (Morales) makes to many colleagues so that they testify”

Sala is serving house arrest in the framework of the “Pibes Villeros” case for which she was sentenced to 13 years in prison; the sentence was appealed and since March 2020 it is pending resolution in the orbit of the Supreme Court.

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