Miky Woodz, en el Camp Nou.

Miky Woodz brings Latin trap to the ears of Lillard and Tatum

Miky Woodz He stuck to music in the toughest years of Latin trap but he doesn’t want to look back. In those years of 2016 and 2017 he says that he was able to demonstrate his talent so that now they believe in him when he brings out songs like No one, a style very different from what brought him to fame. In Spain is more aware of it than in other countries. “I have the most passionate fans here.”

He who is a fan is of the Carolina Giants, the basketball team where he grew up, but accepts that he does not have much chance of getting into the playoffs of the Puerto Rican league. Something similar happens to him NBAbecause his favorites were memphis Y Boston and there is only one left standing. The Celtics of his friend Tatumwith whom he has a relationship, as well as with Damian Lillard. Thanks to music and through Instagramwhere everything arises in 2022.

Playing, it looks more like the Portland. He was in a basketball team until he was 20 years old, when he already had to make the leap to be a professional. He could not be the best of his team, but he was of music: there is no one who can measure forces with him. He was named MVP of the last celebrity game played in Port Rich among artists of the urban genre. Now he is satisfied with playing in an amateur league and there is the dream of what he wants to be when he is old. He wants to retire by having a sports club for children.

Cross Questionnaire

Who is the greatest athlete in history?

In Puerto Rico it would be Carlos Arroyo or JJ Barea, but worldwide I think it would be Jordan or Tom Brady.

To be a star in the team of your heart or a rotation player in a big one?

Rotation player. You have to prove your worth.

Favorite word?

OG (original gangster).

What would you like them to say about you?

What they really think of me.

How do you manage the pressure?

I was born with ice in my veins

I don’t know what it is to feel pressure

But I don’t leave the house

without the piece in the mahon.

Stay for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Eat breakfast.

One song for driving, one for a first date, and one for partying.

No one, Na ‘personal Y before i die.

What is your idea of ​​perfect happiness?

Being with my family and mine, quiet.

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