Miguel Mendoza's family awaits "the miracle" of his freedom, after 558 days in jail

Miguel Mendoza’s family awaits “the miracle” of his freedom, after 558 days in jail

The family of the sports writer and current political prisoner Miguel Mendozaregretted that the farewell to the year and the reception of 2023, he will spend again locked up in one of the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ) known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, in Managua.

«Again, he will spend a good night in four walls, away from his family. But his faith in God makes him strong and brave,” his relatives expressed through the journalist’s social networks.

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They recalled that this Friday, December 30, the hostage of the Ortega dictatorship has been arbitrarily deprived of his liberty for 558 days.

For Margin Pozo, Mendoza’s life partner, the Christmas and New Year holidays are difficult for her family and even more so for Alejandra Mendoza, daughter of the statement, who has only been able to visit him twice.

«It is the second year that she did not spend with her father on December 24, although they allowed us to share with him, on the 25th. She wants her father to be here full time. Waking up and seeing him in the house,” she told Article 66 the also journalist.

He added that as a family they will say goodbye to 2022, “giving thanks to God for his infinite love and mercy; and praying to him, because in 2023 he will bring Miguel back to us. Our miracle is his freedom ».

So far, the Miguel Mendoza family has not been notified by the police authorities of “El Nuevo Chipote” if they will be able to visit him and say goodbye to the year or receive 2023.

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“We are praying to God that they call us today,” said Pozo, who assures that what he most wants is to be able to share this special date with the sports writer and his eight-year-old daughter.

The journalist and critic of the Ortega y Murillo regime was jailed in June 2021, in the middle of a hunt for union leaders. He was found guilty of the crimes of conspiracy to undermine the national integrity and propagation of false news, through repressive laws directed against opponents. The Ortega y Murillo court sentenced him to nine years in prison.

Mendoza is part of the list of opponents and critics of the Ortega dictatorship who are being held captive in different jails in Nicaragua and whom he refuses to release, rather he has subjected them to cruel and inhumane treatment.

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