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Miguel Mendoza: “We had to win the game, it was very important to score”

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Miguel Mendoza: "We had to win the game, it was very important to score"

May 29, 2023, 1:33 PM

May 29, 2023, 1:33 PM

Libertad Gran Mamoré defeated Blooming (2-1) on Saturdayor within the framework of date 15 of the Tigo League of the Professional Division. The duel was classified as the game with the six points, because they are direct rivals in the fight to escape from the bottom of the table.

The Cruceña academy began by winning the matchbut then the Benianos came back with goals from Leandro Zazpe and Miguel Mendoza.

“The game was difficult, but we have our thing and we take out the claw. We knew we had to win the game, it was very important to add to the table and thank God we got it. You have to keep working because this week there is an important game coming up as well”, said Mendoza.

Libertad Gran Mamoré will play again this Friday, will visit Aurora at the Félix Capriles stadium from Cochabamba, starting at 7:00 p.m., at the beginning of date 16 of the Tigo League, but he still enjoys the victory against Blooming that allows him to breathe with some peace of mind.

“This is football, we have to be prepared for everything, it almost got complicated (the match with Blooming) but we were able to get a positive result… This game was important because they also needed to winThank God it was given to us and we got the result we had been looking for”, expressed Paraguayan striker Miguel Mendoza.

For his part, Mario Barbery makes space in the starting team and he has been responding in the games that he has to play with the jacket of the Benian team.

“Personally happy for the opportunity that the teacher gives me (José Peña)I have to take advantage and that’s what I’m doing”, said the 21-year-old national player.

He also referred to the triumph that his team achieved with a lot of work on Blooming, A result that left the Santa Cruz academy at the bottom of the Tigo League position table and also in the relegation table.

“Very happy with the victory… We knew how to reverse the score, We all ran because we knew it was going to be a difficult game, even more so given that they got us up early, but with everyone’s effort we were able to win”, declared Barbery.

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