Miguel Mendoza celebrates his 30 years of chronicling sports in prison

Miguel Mendoza celebrates his 30 years of chronicling sports in prison

The sports writer and political prisoner miguel mendoza He is serving 443 days kidnapped in the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ) known as El Nuevo Chipote, a center described by opponents as torture.

The only time the prisoner of conscience could be seen was on September 1, when the Ortega dictatorship exhibited him in “an informative hearing” in the Managua courts, disclosed through the government propaganda media.

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Through the Facebook page miguel mendozahis relatives remembered the 30 years of his career in the sports chronicle, which “has made him worthy of recognition.”

«You reached many Nicaraguan homes, through sports programs broadcast on television, radio and social networks. You also wrote for important newspapers in the country (…) You are a multifaceted, upright and hard-working professional”, they expressed.

They affirmed with aplomb that they are confident that the political hostage will come out of “those four walls, as you showed yourself on September 1, with your head held high.”

For her part, Margin Pozo, Mendoza’s life partner, told Article 66 that it was difficult as “we saw Miguel. I have only had the opportunity to see him 10 times in 15 months, very little compared to the visits he should receive according to the “prison” regulations.

“The people who had not seen him were surely shocked to see how skinny he is, a very critical situation, especially since we have always denounced how he is and the chronic illness he presents, in addition to the lack of attention in that place…”.

Miguel Mendoza’s daughter still does not see him

On the other hand, Pozo pointed out that the Ortega dictatorship continues to deny that the journalist’s daughter can see him. “Unfortunately Alejandra -Mendoza- has not been able to see it, despite the fact that we have insisted through social networks and legally, however they have not given us an answer.”

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He also said that the defense attorney for the prisoner of conscience has issued 11 requests for the minor to see them, but none have been answered.

Pozo stated that he will continue to insist that Alejandra be able to see her father, “since it is a right that has been denied to her.” He also said that she “has not had the heart” to show him the photographs recently released by the regime “because they are shocking.”

Miguel Mendoza with a gaunt face was presented in the courts of Managua

“The same day that I was going to show them to her, she told me that she wanted to see her father as she saw him on the night of June 21, 2021, but I did not have the heart to show them to her, especially because Miguel is unrecognizable and surely it would suit him. to impact a lot, I could not destroy my girl’s heart more, “he concluded.

The first and only time that the Ortega regime showed Miguel Mendoza, the journalist looked thin, emaciated, like the other 26 political prisoners locked up in “El Nuevo Chipote”, however he always kept his head held high.

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