Miguel Jaimes: PetroCaribe logró integración de Latinoamérica y El Caribe

Miguel Jaimes: PetroCaribe achieved integration of Latin America and the Caribbean

PetroCaribe has been a valuable initiative of the Commander Hugo Chávez Frías that managed to unite two nearby areas in the South American continent with integration and peace diplomacy, to attend socially and commercially to countries and peoples that were abandoned and with which Venezuela has managed to build a pole of power against imperial hegemonism, summarized the expert oil Michael James, during an exclusive interview on the show meeting pointwhich transmits Venezuelan Television (VTV).

“Without a doubt, the Venezuelans and their government, Venezuela have a view of integration, of Petrodiplomacy, an organic view that takes into account political asymmetries and it is that behind this, many other things came: CELAC came, UNASUR, Banco de PetroCaribe, Banco del Sur, Petrosur, PetroCaribe Alimentos, what has been called the grand-nationals, the so-called enablers,” he said.

When praising this creation of Petrocaribe, which was born as an initiative of the Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution and today reaches 18 years of foundation, Jaimes commented that this model is an example that Venezuela gives to the world. “In other latitudes of the planet, it has not been possible to achieve that, with a true force of impulse and development, that Latin America and the Caribbean speak with a single, forceful voice, before the world, with its geographical and geopolitical location, its resources that is their flag, their weapon for interaction and it is also their weapon for trade and world relations”.

He recalled that there are interests that want to make believe that Latin America and the Caribbean are two regions as separate zones, when it is not. He attributed this to the US hegemony, which wants the Caribbean islands to be the beachhead for its exclusive economic actions, especially for oil extraction.

“Undoubtedly, Venezuela has done something very valuable and important, which is to promote an integration area and present to the world a very important and valuable development pole, where the weakest have been taken into account and where, based on these concepts, social, you want to raise the social content, the profits for several of these nations”, he considered.

He commented that the US intends to sabotage an initiative that is very valuable to Venezuela. “We have already observed all the alliances, the votes, the reunion, the recognition that these countries of these Islands have had in favor of our country… we establish a market, the issue of finances, the business of selling oil, the entry of foreign currency for the country, we also establish with this a very important position”, he warned.

“Let’s see what has happened in the latest decisions, for example in the United Nations, when the United States and Europe have wanted to condemn us or sacrifice us or put us in front of the entire world stage to be judged, and the votes of those countries have saved Venezuela ” he pointed.

Jaimes stated that this geopolitical situation is a true “very valuable gain that is above all those things.” “It is the diplomatic value, of integration and with this we can project ourselves from here to the next decades, in our vision, in our positioning, in the political decisions of legal security, that Venezuela has as a country, that like all, their interests in an area that is also a peaceful and integration area; there is no type of conflict in all this great maritime and Atlantic mass of Latin America and the Caribbean”.

He contrasted this reality with other areas of the rest of the continents, where none enjoys the political stability that exists in the Latin American-Caribbean area.

“But here, in this area, Venezuela has support of great weight and sets an example of peace, here is an example for the world that must be seen, that must be observed, that must be studied, that must also be followed.” ”, he finally proposed.

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