Miguel Insfrán "Uncle Rico" would be the intellectual author of the crime of Marcelo Pecci

Miguel Insfrán “Uncle Rico” would be the intellectual author of the crime of Marcelo Pecci

The Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported that the Colombian authorities handle the information that Miguel Insfrán Galeano, alias, “Tío Rico”, would be the mastermind of the crime against prosecutor Marcelo Pecci that occurred on May 10, 2022. This, after the confession of those involved.

This new information arose after the arrest of the brothers Ramón Emilio and Andrés F. Pérez Hoyos, who served as links between the murderers and the masterminds. The brothers pleaded guilty and provided information to the Colombian police.

Francisco Correa Galeano, one of the criminals in charge of putting together the plan to attack Pecci, reportedly confessed that the Pérez Hoyos brothers were hired by Insfrán. And that the latter is hidden in the Colombian Guajira region, on the border with Venezuela.

Miguel Ángel Mendieta, lawyer for the Insfrán family, informed 730 AM that his client was not involved in the crime against the fiscal agent. He made sure that his clients had no problem with Pecci.

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