Migration is not charging for appointments, nor for pre-registrations of the Temporary Protection Permit for Foreigners

Judith Pena | July 18, 2023

The deputy director of the National Migration Service, María Isabel Sarabia, indicated that the Temporary Protection Permit for foreigners is not a melting pot or a window for more foreigners to enter the country, and for those who are irregular within the country for a period of not less than one year from the entry into force of Decree No. 112 of July 13, 2023.

He indicated that from July 17 registrations for appointments were opened through the page www.migracionpanama.gob.pa and that the attentions will begin on August 1 and clarified that Migration is not charging for appointments, nor for pre-registrations . He pointed out that the payments are those established in the Decree that are necessary to carry out the procedures, urged foreigners to report irregularities in the collection of appointments or other anomalies.

This decree has a defined validity of 1 year, from July 17, 2023 to July 19, 2024 and the permit will be granted for two non-extendable years, during which time people must opt ​​for one of the existing immigration categories. “It’s not for new people, it’s for people who are already using our health services, our subsidies.”

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