One of the mobile prisons used this morning by Immigration in the operation in search of undocumented immigrants in Ciudad Juan Bosch.

Migration intervenes again Ciudad Juan Bosch

The General Directorate of Migration intervened again today in Ciudad Juan Bosch and arrested dozens of Haitians as part of a series of operations carried out in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este in search of undocumented immigrants.

Migration also announced the installation in Ciudad Juan Bosch of a permanent office of that agency due to the increase in undocumented Haitians in the area.

Juan Bosch City. Migration operation. Jorge gonzalez

Migration Brigades visited Ciudad Juan Bosch this morning, where they proceeded to arrest undocumented Haitians who live and work there.

The raids of Migration -three in total between today and two last week-, have led to the stoppage of construction work on the city’s buildings.

As part of the operations, yesterday a detention unit of the General Directorate of Migration was under the Juan Carlos bridge since noon, with the purpose of redoubling the search for illegals on buses from the eastern provinces.

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The buses of both private and public companies were stopped to be checked by agents of that institution.

Migration agents proceeded to dismount the Haitians who did not have documents from the buses, and with suitcases, packages and even plastic bags they were mounted in a mobile prison.

These operations are carried out after Migration took control of Ciudad Juan Bosch last week after its agents were removed from that city with stones and bottle blows by Haitians.

After the fact, Immigration and the Police returned reinforced with a Swat team, police from the so-called Topo and prosecutors; They took over the city, entered the apartments and buildings, where they arrested hundreds of Haitians, who were placed in seven prison trucks.

Haitians residing in Ciudad Juan Bosch are, for the most part, undocumented and because of the way they live, dress and the cars they drive, it is presumed that they are wealthy. The rest are construction workers, who live in the buildings they build.

The occupation of Ciudad Juan Bosch by the authorities occurs after the director of Migration, Enrique García, warned that this organization will not tolerate undocumented Haitians continuing to confront the authorities with violence to cause disorder, as happened last week. .

The director of Migration, Enrique García, promised the construction of an office in Ciudad Juan Bosch, and said that it is not the first time that Haitians have faced agents from that institution.

The official stressed that on previous occasions there had been cases of serious violence against Immigration personnel such as stabbing attacks, stones and sticks during raids in search of illegal immigrants. He said that actions like that will not be tolerated.

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