Migration has repatriated 60,000 illegal aliens in recent months

Migration has repatriated 60,000 illegal aliens in recent months

Santo Domingo, DR. –
The general director of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, affirmed that since his arrival at the institution to date, some 60,000 illegal aliens have repatriated, mostly Haitians who were in irregular migratory conditions in the country.

Within the framework of the interdiction operations in the search and capture of illegals, which are being implemented simultaneously throughout the national territory, Alcántara specified that an average of around 20,000 Haitian illegals are being returned to their country of origin, actions that have increased in recent months.

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He gave as an example, that in the past, during the operations deployed in the National District, 1,395 Haitian nationals were detained, who, when seized, did not carry any type of document that authorizes them to stay in the country.

He specified that with these detainees, there are 4,582 illegal Haitians captured during the operations also carried out in Santiago, La Vega, Jarabacoa, Jimaní, Dajabón, Pedernales, Azua and Santo Domingo province.

“We are a sovereign country and no one can set guidelines for us in immigration matters, but we have the right to repatriate any foreigner who is in the country irregularly, regardless of their nationality,” warned Venancio Alcántara.

He further explained “I do not know of any country where you can live illegally, wherever you go if you are illegal you will be returned to your country,” he assured.

He said that the migratory interdiction days against any illegal foreigner will continue in the country and will be redoubled to counteract the transit and movement of undocumented immigrants in the Dominican Republic.

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