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Migration crisis: United States Coast Guard repatriates 60 Cuban rafters

MIAMI, United States. – The crew of the Paul Clark coastguard, of the United States Coast Guard, repatriated 60 Cuban rafters this Tuesday, after eight operations near the coast of Florida, the US agency itself indicated in a statement.

Every week, dozens of Cuban rafters They approach the coast of Florida, where they are generally intercepted by Coast Guard agents and then deported to the Island. However, many of them have perished at sea before reaching land.

Just last weekend the Border Patrol intercepted 78 Cuban rafters in five different operations. The migrants crossed the Strait of Florida in rustic boats and made landfall in the southern keys of the peninsula, according to reported Agent Walter N. Slosar.

Also last Sunday, the Coast Guard repatriated another 50 Cuban migrants that had been intercepted after crossing the Straits of Florida.

Recently, the United States embassy in Havana alerted Cuban rafters that it would strengthen surveillance in the Florida Strait, with a view to dealing with the increase in irregular maritime migration.

The diplomatic legation on the Island published on its social network account Twitter several tweets accompanied by a statement, in which he assures that the migratory crisis has become a concern of National Security.

“The Joint Homeland Security Task Force increased its operational posture to address a recent increase in irregular maritime migration. Agencies are increasing patrols and law enforcement by land, air and sea, day and night,” reads one of the Embassy publications.

The migration agreements between Cuba and the United States establish that people who are intercepted on the high seas will be returned to the island.

Cuba is experiencing a massive exodus that has surpassed the Mariel crisis and the rafters’ crisis of 1994. Since October 1, 2021, the beginning of the current fiscal year, only the crews of the US Coast Guard travel by sea. They have intercepted 5,545 Cubans, a figure that exceeds the number of migrants from the island intercepted each fiscal year from 2017 to 2021.

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