Mieres: Cabildo is from "populist right" and with distances to "more republican positions"

The Minister of Labor and leader of the Independent Party, Pablo Mieres, appreciated that Town meeting “accepted” the resignation request from President Luis Lacalle Pou to the Minister of Housing Irene Moreiraand returned to mark his distance with that political forceWhat do you think you have? “a thought of the populist right”.

When asked about his differences with the Cabildo, years after remarking that there was an “ocean” between that party and the Independiente, Mieres assured that “ideological and programmatic differences” are still “important”in an interview with the program Desayunos Informales (Channel 12).

“The Independent Party is a social democratic party, of the center left. Cabildo Abierto reflects more a thought of the populist rightwith a look that has distances with more republican positions”, affirmed the Minister of Labor, who stressed that “beyond” this ideological distance both parties coincided “with the Commitment for the country”coalition government program.

Mieres was asked how he managed to continue in a coalition with a party with which he had so many differences, the minister affirmed that his party never “agreeed” that “the coalition was an institution” itselfsince the current operation allows political forces live together despite having “dissidents”.

He also stated that these differences in thoughts do not affect personal relationshipsand recalled that in the Ministry of Labor They have “a member of the Cabildo Abierto” and they get along “very well.”

Mieres and his surprise at the “so critical evaluation” of the Cabildo government

“The President of the Republic took a clear attitude. He took some definition that as a party represents us very well. We were surprised by a kind of resistance that the Cabildo adopted, but finally complied”declared Mieres regarding the Cabildo’s decision to remain in the coalition after Moreira’s resignation, and after criticizing Lacalle Pou on several occasions.

“The news is that despite all the criticism they made, they stay”, added the coalition member.

Mieres stated that “none of the partners” raised the possibility of removing the Cabildo of the official group after the situation in Moreira, and assured that he was “surprised by the very critical assessment of the government” demonstrated by Senator Guido Manini Ríos this Monday at a press conference. “We do not have that evaluation”indicated.

Asked about how the coalition will work in the future, the minister explained that “That will be seen in the coming months.” “It is assumed that if we are in a coalition We are accompanying the measures and policies”he affirmed, although he clarified that in this sense “There is something strange about criticism of public policies” of council.

Debt project: “You have to be very careful”

In the press conference on Monday, Manini Ríos gave a period of one month to seek a “urgent legislative solution for irrecoverable debtors and people included in the clearing” before gather signatures to promote the debt restructuring project.

Mieres warned that “you have to be very careful” with “these types of rules” that “involve general pardons” to the debtors, since “the credit” of those benefited by the law “it begins to be more and more limited” and they end up “in the hands of the lenders.” “It is a sittuation much more serious, but less visible”he added.

The independent leader indicated that “there may be middle ways” that lead to a project of indebtedness, but he clarified that “This is not ‘I defend the poor wretches who are in debt and the government, which integrates, does not want to defend them'”. “Neither can we fall into a very simplistic look”critical.

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